When my wife became ill after the children were born, it was The Bluebirds who provided 'round-the-clock' attention for over a week. They even came in while I was away on business to help with the children's ear infections. Such a level of personal service is rare in today's bottom line economy.

- G. Wallace

Why Choose The Bluebirds?

"To provide quality overnight care to families with newborns, by nurturing and supporting all members of the family, especially the postpartum mother. We impart our knowledge and care to give our clients the tools they need to encourage infants to adopt healthy sleep patterns."


Dedicated Bluebirds

Our clients often speak of the “mystique” surrounding The Bluebirds and our caring associates who provide the support for your family. To become a bluebird, it is not enough to simply love children. We look for people who also show an extra level of commitment, effort and experience, to ensure our quality of care always reflects our hard-earned reputation for excellence.


Education & Training

Kate Hall at CPR training 2009Ongoing training is an essential part of working for The Bluebirds. We host company-wide, continuing education classes that includes Infant CPR as well as speakers from the childcare and medical fields, to ensure our workforce remain knowledgeable, consistent and up-to-date. Bluebirds offers a variety of services covering the spectrum of child care, and work in conjunction with your pediatrician.





Doulas On Demand

The need for professional doula care has grown in the past decade; the termDona refers to a certified professional who provides an ongoing emotional supportive presence to new mothers before, during and after the birth of the child. The Bluebirds have Doulas certified by DONA (Doulas of North America) on staff to meet your needs. DONA is the oldest and largest international Doula organization, with an intensive training and certification program, a code of ethics and standards of practice that makes it an organization respected around the world.

While Doulas primarily offer daytime assistance with a focus on teaching and advising as the new parents becomes adjusted to the new family members, Bluebirds' Doulas will often do an overnight with a family and then remain for a few hours in the morning to assist with a bath or provide an extra level of support for mother.

To become a certified Doula is a lengthy process, commencing with a minimum number of hours of classroom instruction followed by submission of papers, extended reading and a great number of hours working with new mothers who must then fully evaluate their methods and performance. The Bluebirds are fortunate to have so many trained professionals who work not only with our clients but also with our staff to help develop understanding and gentle response for new mothers.


Sleep Training SpecialistsThe Happiest Baby on the Block

Dr. Harvey Karp's landmark work : The Happiest Baby on the Block, has been lauded for doing for sleep training what Dr. Spock's book did for child rearing when it was first published over 60 years ago. In recognition of those professionals who have studied Dr. Karp's methods and are qualified to teach them, a certification program exists entitling educators to teach new and prospective parents the successful methods found in this groundbreaking book. Every team member is well-versed with the principles espoused by Dr. Karp and implemented nightly.


Background Checks

It is essential that you have peace of mind knowing your children are in safe hands. Everyone who works at The Bluebirds undergoes an extensive background check, beyond what is available to the public, including full reference and multi-state criminal background checks.


Licensing & Insurance

The Bluebirds is licensed annually by the State as a registered service agency and the company carries a high level of both liability and workers' compensation insurance to protect the safety of both our clients and bluebirds.


Industry Recognized

International Nanny AssociationInternational Nanny AssociationThe Bluebirds is a member of the International Nanny Association, America’s oldest and largest in-home child care industry association, serving nannies, parents, nanny agencies, educators and industry service professionals. INA was founded in 1985 to showcase the professional side of the nanny industry and promote better employment conditions and respect for nannies, and to encourage quality in-home childcare around the world. Membership in the INA confirms the acceptance and commitment to INA recommended practices and The Bluebirds are regular attendees at INA Conferences and Presentations.


Your privacy is an essential concern to The Bluebirds. Although our list of prominent clients is extensive, our commitment to your privacy is paramount. All employees of The Bluebirds sign confidentiality agreements which provide an extra degree of security to our clients.

Associates (Employees) Not Independent Contractors

Our hiring policies are in complete compliance with Federal and State laws. Every bluebird is hired, security cleared, trained, and their salary and taxes are paid by our company. You bear no resposibility for employment/ healthcare taxes or benefits.