if there is anyone out there who is more knowledgeable about newborn twins than Kate Hall, then I would very much like to meet them

- Susan W.
Bluebird Client

Founder Kate Hall

Bluebirds Founder Kate HallBorn and raised in England, Kate Hall has been involved with early child development since gaining her degree in the Froubel method of Early Education at the University of Birmingham (UK).

After emigrating to the United States with her husband to raise three children in Sudbury, MA, Kate operated a successful in-home day-care for fifteen years.

In 1991 Kate began consulting with expectant parents and working directly with families of newborn twins to bring healthy and productive sleep to the entire family. Since then, the company has carefully cultivated our philosophy and training to offer help, advice and assistance to hundreds of families from North America, Europe and Asia.

In addition to developing the expectations and standards that have become the cornerstone of The Bluebirds, Kate also operates "Nests" in Florida and Cape Cod

overseeing The Bluebirds in Boston, MA and West Palm Beach, FL keep her busy, her commitment to our clients means her phone line is on 24/7. Consultations with Kate are available for all Bluebirds clients and a limited number of consultations are reserved for families who need a consultation rather than the full services offered by The Bluebirds. If your group or conference is interested in having Kate as a speaker, please contact us via email by clicking here.