Kate is a master of her art; compared to the several baby nurses that we engaged at the beginning through childcare agencies in Boston, Kate stands head and shoulders above the rest.

— E. Hirscherscher

Kate Hall, PCD


Bluebirds Founder Kate HallBorn and raised in England, Kate Hall has been involved with early child development since gaining her degree in the Froebel method of Early Education at the University of Birmingham (UK).

After emigrating to the United States with her husband to raise three children in Sudbury, MA, Kate operated a successful in-home day-care for fifteen years.

In 1991 Kate began consulting with expectant parents and working directly with families of newborn twins to bring healthy and productive sleep to the entire family. Since then, the company has carefully cultivated our philosophy and training to offer help, advice and assistance to hundreds of families from North America, Europe and Asia.

In addition to developing the expectations and standards that have become the cornerstone of The Bluebirds, Kate also operates "Nests" in Florida and Cape Cod. Consultations with Kate are available for all Bluebirds clients and a limited number of consultations are reserved for families who need a consultation rather than the full services offered by The Bluebirds. If your group or conference is interested in having Kate as a speaker, please contact us via email by clicking here.


Dr. Annapia McCarthy-Peters, Ph.D. PCD

Senior Manager and Director of Training

Senior Manager Dr. Pia McCarthy-PetersPia McCarthy-Peters originally hails from the Netherlands and has worked at The Bluebirds for more than fifteen years. Her multi-disciplinary studies in Europe and the United States provide our company with a unique original viewpoint on post-partum childcare. Dr. McCarthy-Peters has served as the Director of Training for a decade at our company and has worked with both clients and our staff to implement positive sleep mechanics that bring restful nights to the entire family. In additiona to receivng her Doctorate in Early Infant Growth and Development, Pia is also a certified doula, with extensive experience organizing and presenting training sessions internally and externally.

In addition to working directly with clients, Pia is often found in client's homes working alongside exisiting bluebirds to train associates in new methods, discuss individual cases, and ensuring that the high standards associated with our company are continually being upheld.


Erin O'Shea

Training Manager & Lactation Companion

Training Manager Erin 'SheaErin O'Shea has been involved in childcare for over 20 years and joined The Bluebirds in 1992 shortly after the company was founded. Erin's vast knowledge, stemming from her many years of experience has made her an invaluable member of The Bluebirds as well as a unique reference source for our clients. Within The Bluebirds, the saying is "if Erin doesn't know the answer, the question hasn't been asked yet!

It is no surprise that with her vast knowledge that Erin serves as the internal and external trainer for The Bluebirds, responsible for orientation and training of new associates as well as training new nannies for clients. Erin also serves as the resident expert on breast feeding and is completing her Doula certification to assist her with helping post partum mothers in developing increased breast feeding skills.


Christopher Hall

Managing Director

Managing Director Christopher HallUntil recently, when anyone spoke about a "Boston Manny", it was assumed that your were speaking of a baseball player. In Bluebird's parlance however, it means you are speaking about one of the handful of male nannies in the country.

Although Chris' main position is the day-to-day running of the company, when he joined the Bluebirds in 2006, he immersed himself in the culture and training of a 21st century nanny, training extensively with senior members of staff before being allowed to work alone with clients. Chris credits The Bluebirds for not simply making him into an effective "Manny" but also a better parent.

A former professional soccer referee in England, Chris heads the management team and works with husbands and fathers during seminars to provide greater insight into how men can best support and care for their postpartum partners and newborn infants.