News from the Bluebirds

March 3, 2019 - Boston Common magazine honors The Bluebirds

Best Infant CareBluebird Childcare has been honored by Boston Common magazine as their choice for Best Infant Care in their inaugural Luxe List. Speaking at a reception for honorees on February 28, 2019 at the Manderin Oriental Boston Hotel, Boston Common publisher Carin Keane paid tribute to those whose level of service and high standards merited recognition by the Editorial Staff of the magazine.

For Founder Kate Hall, the award was a welcome recognition of over 25 years of innovation and commitment to developing night-time infant child-care. "It is a greatly appreciated honor" she said after receiving word of the award, "and a tribute not only to the high standards that have been so successful for so many families, but to the many bluebirds and especially our Senior Managers who have worked so hard to bring innovation, dedication and consistency to the field of infant sleep training."

Attending the Boston reception were Managing Director Christopher Hall and his sister and bluebird Sylwia Rosinska who spent much of the evening discussing how the high standards that Kate Hall established in 1991 mean just as much today. "If generational changes have seen new methods of parenting in recent years, what hasn't changed is the need for restful sleep for the whole family"said Hall. "The challenges to parents may be more complex than they were 25 years ago but our approach to night-time nurturing continues to bring success to families all over New England and the United States."

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