Your bluebirds were nothing short of exceptional, and we knew you were our instruction manual for twins...

— A Koo-Kendall


Experienced. Attentive. Safe. Understanding.

At The Bluebirds, we know the important elements new parents are looking for with their child-care provider. Night time is among the most challenging period for both newborns and their parents; for us, developing healthy sleep patterns for newborns is not a job as much as it is a mission...

Any company is only as good as the associates who work for it and The Bluebirds has long been known as a home for the best and only the best. For years, tradition dictated that the only way to get to become a bluebird was on the direct recommendation of a current bluebird or client. Not only did this keep us unique and personal, but it helped to develop our soothing and dedicated company culture, foster communication, and encourage the dedicated connectivity that has become our hallmark. Our team members know that the company is committed to them; we are one of the rare agencies to offers comprehensive health and vacation benefits to both full-time and part-time bluebirds. Why? Because to be a bluebird means that you are the best; our company ethos dictates that our associates go the extra distance for our clients and we make sure we go the extra distance for our associates.

We like to believe that it is the little things that have contributed to our success and part of this comes from the experience we've gained since the business began in the early 1990's. From our unique sleep-training logbooks to welcome gifts for new arrivals, we have always placed great importance on exceeding expectations.

If you have found your way here via the recommendation of a friend or former client, you may have been informed that The Bluebirds do things quite differently from other agencies. For instance we offer a greater degree of flexibility in scheduling, we do not require a deposit or a commitment to a specific number of days. We work with you to establish the necessary frequency to establish the important productive sleep patterns that will bring peace to your household at night.