My husband and I met Kate just before the boys were born and we found her to be knowledgable, professional and thorough which put us at ease immediately

— K.O.

Bluebird Client

Bluebird Services

Our goal is to provide our clients with a variety of unique services that are personally tailored to each family. We place great emphasis on individual solutions as we recognize that every family and their needs are different. Our main services include


Geared towards expectant parents, our two-hour consultations are an opportunity to address unique issues, concerns and questions you did not even know you had about your new babies. Meeting with a member of our senior management for a unique one-to-one consultation, is an essential step for preparing for your new arrivals, as well as an introduction to The Bluebirds philosophy, experience, and methods.

Some of the areas of information we cover:

  • Preparing your family and home to ease the transition
  • Managing your expectations
  • Useful product recommendations
  • Organizing support from family and friends
  • Easing the transition for siblings
  • Essentials for Dad
  • Encouraging the Grandparents

Overnight Care

For Infants:
We aim to encourage your babies to learn to sleep through the night. During our stay, we work to increase the time between feedings in order to lengthen nightly sleeping periods.

For Mother:
We look to build confidence in new mothers, to nurture, encourage, and support them in their expanded role. Well-rested mothers will be better prepared to care for their newborns, and good sleep is necessary for promoting breast milk production. Breast feeding exclusively is often challenging, and feeding options might include a combination of breast feeding, pumping and formula. However you decide, The Bluebirds will be there to provide advice, support and encouragement as you determine the right path for your family.

Helping you from 9pm to 7am
Nightly duties may include:

  • Changing & feeding the infants
  • Washing infant laundry
  • Bottle and pump cleaning and preparation
  • Tidying the kitchen
  • Unloading the dishwasher
  • Sprucing-up the nursery
  • Restocking infant supplies

Doulas on Demand™

The meaning of the word 'doula' is taken from the Greek word that translates to "a woman who serves"; in its modern incarnation, it refers to a professionally trained and experienced professional that supports pregnant and post-partum mothers with ongoing emotional and practical support.

A number of bluebirds are professionally qualified doulas, certified by DONA, the oldest, largest and most respected doula association worldwide. As professional postpartum doulas, in addition to all the regular services provided by The Bluebirds, there is also a high level of education and support during the fourth trimester as well as evidence based information on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth and specially developed coping skills.


There may be times you need to be away from home, and taking the children is not the best option. On your next business trip, family emergency, wedding, or weekend getaway, let The Bluebirds combine convenience with peace of mind when staying with children of all ages in your home.


Vacations are not just for your children! By acting as an extra helping hand during travel, The Bluebirds have established a well-earned reputation for making your holiday stress-free and enjoyable.

Classes and Seminars

As certified educators of Dr. Harvey Karp's "The Happiest Baby on the Block" The Bluebirds presents special classes on nurturing the parent/infant bond and how to effectively calm and sooth infants. Incorporating Dr. Karp's principles and materials alongside the practical experience of thousands of hours of respite care by the Bluebirds, these classes are excellent for parents looking to gain additional insight into ensuring your child is the happiest baby on your block.

Nanny/Au-pair Training

Hiring a nanny is often the next step for clients when they have finished with The Bluebirds and a common problem is setting expectations for a new nanny after experiencing everything that The Bluebirds has to offer. The answer is to have The Bluebirds train your new nanny! A Senior Manager will come to your house for a day with materials, information and techniques to bring your new nanny up to speed on the expectations for your family. There is also time spent with parents to discuss performance plans as well as things parents can do to motivate and help their nanny or au-pair.

Finding the right nanny or au-pair is a time-consuming and detailed process and once you have found the right match in terms of personality, salary and experience, it is equally important to ensure your new caregiver understands the responsibilities and expectations in a caring and knowledgable way. Avoid miscommunication and upheaval by having The Bluebirds organize your training and ensure a smooth introduction for your new nanny or au-pair.