When the twins arrived, all the fun began... Kate & The Bluebirds were ready to roll; I couldn't believe how calm the house became when they arrived...

-- C. Meyer

Life changes for everyone when you come home from the hospital.

The Bluebirds are here to help ease that transition.

Welcome to The Bluebirds, New England's premier infant night time respite care agency. Since 1991 we have been at the forefront of infant sleep training; bringing rest to families and establishing healthy sleep patterns for newborns.

Our lengthy experience has allowed us to develop our unique philosophy and approach that places great emphasis on maternal and family support. We look to bring a calm to your household and ensure the newest member(s) of your family is comfortably integrated with restful nights for everyone..

The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp

The Happiest Baby on the Block

Dr. Harvey Karp's intuitive methods utilizing the 5'S is a key element in the approach of The Bluebirds. As Certified Educators of Dr. Karp's practices, Bluebirds offers individual consultations as well as classes for parents about Dr. Karp's ideas and proven methods.


The Bluebirds honored by Boston Common Magazine